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G-Mac’s AgTeam is proud to be an independently owned crop production company, striving to provide exceptional agronomic services while remaining focused on our customers and communities. Founded in 2000, we have grown to 13 retail locations and one distribution facility placed throughout Western Saskatchewan, with our corporate head office in Kindersley. We believe our solid reputation and high degree of success is based on partnering with customers to identify their needs, establish goals and create unique, customized solutions. We supply customers with leading edge service, emerging science and proven technology. Our success has been built on establishing collaborative partnership(s) with customers to optimize their production and profitability in a sustainable manner.

Growth permeates everything we do at
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About G-Mac's AgTeam

Crop Production

Crop Nutrition Saskatchewan
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Crop Nutrition

G-Mac's AgTeam provides a wide variety of both dry and liquid fertilizer to help meet your nutrient management needs, especially when partnered with our industry experts to help ensure your crops are getting exactly what they need.

Crop Protection

We have a full range of crop protection products for your specific crop including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and desiccants. We also provide on farm deliveries for your convenience. 

Seed Care

Healthy crops start with the seed. At G-Mac's AgTeam we offer a variety of products and services to ensure your seed is taken care of. Including seed treating, seed testing, and a range of varieties that will suit your farm.


At G-Mac's AgTeam, we offer a range of services that help you manage your farm and operations more efficiently. From custom application of products to sample analysis, our experts can help you make sound decisions.


iFarm is a G-Mac's AgTeam exclusive platform that enables our team to deliver knowledge and resources that cover every facet of Intelligent Farming. From innovation and technology, to our agPROVE trials, to assistance with obtaining financing and everything in between. The iFarm platform allows G-Mac's AgTeam to be continually committed to growth and improvement both in our knowledge and on your farm. 


CrOptics provides a different look at your farm operations. Delivered by our ACEs and supported by our Agronomists, your farm and operations will recieve the experience and knowledge that will lead you through the season. 

A G-Mac's AgTeam exclusive program that uses a substanital amount of soil testing to deliver a custom variable rate fertility prescription based on segmented portions of your field. 

Do you have acres that don't require a treatment? Are they right beside the acres that do? Not every acre is the same and now we don't have to treat them that way. SprayConnect allows you to treat only necessary acres.

We evaluate agronomic products and practices to ascertain their suitability for implementation on farms within our trade area. Collecting and evaluating local data to help you to make effective agronomic decisions confidently and with consistent outcomes. 

Serving Our Community

At G-Mac's AgTeam, we are part of the communities that we serve. Our employees and their families are part of your sports teams and committees, and we believe these connections and friendships are central to our business. Giving back to the communities that have supported us along the way is important to us, whether it's hockey jerseys, a 4H event, classroom learning or a fundraiser.
G-Mac's AgTeam is proud to support the communities we serve.

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