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G-Mac’s AgTeam is an independently owned crop input retailer that provides exceptional agronomic services. Founded in 2000, G-Mac’s AgTeam has 9 retail locations in West Central Saskatchewan with the corporate head office in Kindersley. G-Mac’s AgTeam’s solid reputation and high degree of success is based on partnering with customers to identify their needs, establish goals and create unique customized solutions. We supply customers with leading edge service, emerging science and proven technology. Our high degree of success has been built on establishing collaborative partnership(s) with customers to optimize their production and profitability while minimizing impact to the environment.

Growth is the theme that permeates everything we do at G-Mac’s AgTeam.

We grow our....

Company and Our Community


The Agronomy Den Converence has been held annually for the past 6 years. G-Mac's AgTeam invites around 200 customers to attend. The conference is usually held the middle of March.

Every year we bring in speakers on a variety of topics. It is a great way for customers to learn and interact with growers from different areas of Saskatchewan. It also gives customers a chance to talk to G-Mac's AgTeam staff and get ready for seeding. 


At G-Mac's AgTeam, we are Crop Production Experts. Our Agronomy Team stays on the cutting edge of the Ag Industry, and the Agronomy Den is our way of sharing knowledge with growers.
Forensic Agrology Services

G-Mac's AgTeam takes pride in our ability to understand the science required to investigate agriculture. We have adopted a systematic approach to collecting data relevant to discovering which variables are impacting our crops. The process involves field observations, documentation, and collection of material. The goal is to provide sound assessments, through collection of accurate data (physical counts, photos, soil and tissue analysis), and then rigorously challenging our Agronomy Team and partners to evaluate the situation and come up with a plan.
Nutrient Management

At G-Mac's AgTeam, we believe that a strong fertility program starts with building an understanding of a grower's specific crop rotation history and yield goals and is executed through our extensive knowledge of soil fertility, crop nutrient demand, nutrient balance, and strategies for efficient fertilizer placement and application timing.

Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture

The SUSTAIN platform is designed to optimize crop nutrients and environmental stewardship practices for crop production. The SUSTAIN platform enables customers to:
Optimize the use of crop nutrients for improved yield and crop quality potential.
Protect their investment in the land, for future generations, through improvements to soil health.
Document management practices to better tell their story of sustainability.
Protect access to markets by proactively working to meet customer demands.
Access products, tools, and advice that work best to improve sustainability, productivity and profitability.


Whether it's hockey jerseys a 4H event, classroom learning, a fundraiser, etc. G-Mac's AgTeam is proud to support the communities we serve.

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