G-Mac's AgTeam History


G-Mac's AgTeam Inc. Incorporates

G-Mac’s AgTeam Inc. is incorporated by Garth & Gayle MacDonald on Jan 1, 2000, buying out Phoenix Ag’s retail locations in Kindersley, Plenty, and Eatonia. The Ag Industry is experiencing a downturn, with lower commodity prices and drought conditions. Many farms are reducing their inputs.


Hard Times in Ag

Saskatchewan is experiencing a crippling drought. Average spring wheat yield comes out at 15 bushels per acre.


Record-Setting Drought

Statistics Canada estimates that the 2002 harvest will be the worst in Canadian history. The CWB pulls out of world markets. The 2001-2002 drought will cost the Canadian economy $5.8 billion, making it our nation’s most expensive national disaster of all time. G-Mac’s AgTeam hosts a rain dance in Kindersley. G-Mac’s AgTeam expands its trade area, acquiring the retail location in Marengo. A used blender is purchased to get up and running.


The Year of the Grasshopper

You couldn’t walk outside with your mouth open! G-Mac’s AgTeam sells a lot of grasshopper control product, namely Matador. Despite significant challenges in the Ag Industry, Garth and Gayle see the future in Agriculture and continue to invest in brighter days ahead. G-Mac’s AgTeam expands its trade area again, acquiring our current retail location in Leader from Sask Wheat Pool. It had been closed for at least a year, and they were happy to sell.


Rain Dance Proves Successful

G-Mac’s AgTeam hosts another rain dance, and there was a downpour afterward at Springwater Colony. G-Mac’s AgTeam purchases a floater to offer floating services to customers.


Market Volatility

Early in the year, fertilizer prices take a nosedive. The rapid drop in price costs some retailers their business. G-Mac’s AgTeam weathers the storm, selling a record amount of fertilizer. Garth MacDonald sits down with six other independent crop input retailers at the Pig & Whistle room at the Saskatoon Inn. From this meeting, the concept of GROW Community of Independents is born.


Agronomy Den Begins

G-Mac’s AgTeam hosts the first Agronomy Den Conference. G-Mac’s AgTeam acquires a building and renovates it, to become the Corporate Services office in Kindersley.


Expanding Our Trade Area

G-Mac’s AgTeam expands again, acquiring the retail location in Elrose. Fire breaks out in G-Mac’s AgTeam’s Leader location. Thankfully, the blaze was contained to the office area and did not spread to the warehouse.


Our Business Is Growing

The Canadian Wheat Board’s single desk marketing power officially ends. G-Mac’s AgTeam completes a major expansion at its Leader location, adding a 1,000,000-gallon liquid fertilizer tank, rail delivery system, and massive warehouse for product distribution. G-Mac’s AgTeam hosts the first Agronomy Den Social in conjunction with the Crop Production Show in Saskatoon. G-Mac’s AgTeam further expands, acquiring Rosetown & Milden retail locations.


A Bumper Crop

Canada’s biggest crop is harvested, with bumper yields across all crops, in every province. G-Mac’s AgTeam takes staff & their families to West Edmonton Mall for its Christmas Party. Highlights include attending the national PBR finals, paintball, and every child in attendance gets to make a build-a-bear.


Supply Chain Bottleneck

The bumper crop from 2013 is stuck in bins across the country. The federal government passes legislation in an attempt to address the supply chain bottleneck.


United Suppliers Canada

GROW Community of Independents merges with United Suppliers, becoming United Suppliers Canada Inc. After 15 years as President of G-Mac’s AgTeam, and playing an integral role in making the company what it is today, Gayle MacDonald leaves the company.



G-Mac’s AgTeam implements the SUSTAIN platform. G-Mac’s AgTeam expands its Corporate Services office, adding a second story, office space, a 50+ seat meeting room, and a rooftop patio. Recorded precipitation levels in our trade area are 200% of normal, and to add insult to injury, it snows on October 5th. Only a lucky few manage to finish combining before winter. G-Mac’s AgTeam expands again, opening an office in Lucky Lake, SK.


Continued Expansion

Construction begins on G-Mac’s AgTeam’s distribution site in Brock, SK, and on a full-service retail location in Lucky Lake, SK. United Suppliers Canada merges with Land o’ Lakes and becomes WinField United Canada. WinField United Canada is the outcome of the vison that began with GROW Community of Independents.


What's Cookin'?

G-Mac’s AgTeam hosts several lentil cooking classes in our trade area, creating a buzz about cooking with pulses. G-Mac’s AgTeam partners with Ag in the Classroom to educate school kids about our industry. G-Mac’s AgTeam enters into a partnership with Westcap and PIC Investment Groups. This partnership will allow G-Mac’s AgTeam to continue to grow and prosper.


Strength in Logistics

G-Mac’s AgTeam opens its distribution site in Brock, SK.


The New G-Mac's AgTeam

G-Mac's AgTeam announces plans to merge Cavalier Agrow into the company and acquires four new locations including Meota, Meadow Lake, Medstead and Spiritwood. As a result, the strengths of both companies are combined into one outstanding entity, the new G-Mac's AgTeam.

The COVID-19 pandemic rears it's ugly head and throws the world into chaos. Thanks to sound leadership and committed diligence, G-Mac's AgTeam pulls together to provide uninterrupted service to growers.