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G-Mac’s AgTeam takes pride in our ability to understand the science required to investigate agriculture. We have adopted a systematic approach to collecting data relevant to discovering which variables are impacting our crops. The process involves field observations, documentation, and collection of material. The goal is to provide sound assessments, through collection of accurate data (physical counts, photos, soil and tissue analysis), and then rigorously challenging our Agronomy Team and partners to evaluate the situation and come up with a plan. Whether growers have a problem with a pest, a suspected nutrient deficiency, or just can’t explain what is going on in their crop – we will endeavor to find an answer in a prompt and professional manner. 

Nutrient Management

At G-Mac's AgTeam, we believe that a strong fertility program starts with building an understanding of a growers’ specific crop rotation history and yield goals, and is executed through our extensive knowledge of soil fertility, crop nutrient demand, nutrient balance, and strategies for efficient fertilizer placement and application timing.
We also offer soil and tissue sampling services. The analysis of these samples in conducted through accredited, third-party laboratories and provide valuable insights on the best ways to manage nutrients on your farm.
Using our technical expertise of fertilizer products, we work with growers to customize a fertility plan specific to their farm's nutrient requirements, storage logistics, and equipment capabilities.


Evaluating plant stand establishment is an important practice that we use to help growers make crop management and staging decisions throughout the course of the season. We use plant stand measurements to back-calculate seed mortality, make reseeding recommendations, and evaluate the uniformity of the crop. Assessing the density and uniformity of a crop canopy throughout the season allows us to make more precise recommendations on water volumes and application timing of crop protection products.

Our Agronomy Team is also skilled at building harvest management plans that best suit a specific field situation and fit into growers’ overall farm operation. From swath timing to decisions about pre-harvest or desiccation strategies, we can help you get your grain into the bin as efficiently as possible.


The G-Mac's AgTeam Field Verified Program was developed with the primary objective of evaluating agronomic products and practices to ascertain their suitability for implementation on farms within the G-Mac's AgTeam territory. Each season, our Agronomy Team, in collaboration with our grower co-operators and business partners, implements several field-scale trials across all of G-Mac's AgTeam trade areas. Since 2015, the program has facilitated almost 200 individual trial sites that investigated the responses of several different crop types to a diverse range of product and management treatments. 

These field-scale trials are excellent tools to identify opportunities to enhance farm productivity and explore new products before they become commercially available. Furthermore, the collection and evaluation of local data is invaluable for effective agronomic decisions.

Sample Analysis

At G-Mac's AgTeam, we understand that not everything important in crop production is apparent to the naked eye. Sometimes you must dig a little deeper to see the whole picture. That is why we offer a variety of sampling services through several third-party laboratories that are accredited to provide complete analyses of soil, tissue, water, seed, feed, or weed samples. Our knowledgeable staff can help you interpret the results and develop strategies to implement the data on your farm.

Weed Management

Having a complete set of field records plays an integral role in planning for the upcoming season as it allows growers to reflect on the successes of the past season and better understand areas of weakness on their farm. We at G-Mac's AgTeam feel that "knowledge is power", and that's why keeping farm data records is so important. We have the ability to generate detailed reports that are useful for future reference and concise, effective planning.

Seed Testing

At G-Mac's AgTeam, we believe that seeding at rates to target optimal plant densities is one of the first and best steps to achieving high yields. Because not all seed lots are created equal, understanding what is going on inside the seed plays a huge role in determining not only how much needs to be seeded, but also if that seed lot should be planted at all.

G-Mac's AgTeam partners with independent, accredited seed analysis laboratories to evaluate seed quality parameters such as germination, vigor, seed-borne pathogens, and thousand kernel weight. For your convenience, seed samples can be sent away for analysis at any one of our nine retail locations and our seed-savvy staff is always available to help you interpret the results and develop a seed care plan that is right for your farm.

Disease and Insect Management

Controlling the environmental conditions that favour disease outbreaks or insect infestations may not be an option, but G-Mac’s AgTeam can work with growers to develop preventative disease management strategies and recommend the appropriate insecticide applications when pests reach their action threshold.

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