Crop Protection & Nutrition

Applying the correct amount of fertilizer will result in optimum yields. Perfect planning and analysis are of high importance, since fertilizer is one of the more expensive crop inputs. A decent soil sample should be taken into account when making decisions on a fertilizer blend for a crop. At G-mac's AgTeam we've got qualified staff who can make these recommendations. We can make the specific fertilizer blend (liquid or dry) you need.

High quality seed is one of the most important investments you can make on your farm. Because high quality seed is the foundation of a healthy and well-established crop, it is crucial that proper seed care is a priority on your farm. It has been said that a crop's highest yield potential exists when it is still in the bin or bag; while this might sound pessimistic, it is true that a germinating seed faces many challenges once it is in the ground. Disease infection, insect attacks and soil conditions that are either too wet or too dry are just a few of the early season stresses that could potentially reduce grain yield at harvest. The good news is that we have several tools available to us to help you combat some of these stresses on your seed quality, and subsequent plant stand establishment, to ensure that each one of your crops has every chance to live up to its yield potential.


Custom Blending

We can make up dry fertilizer blends for your specific needs. We are also well equipped to make blends with ESN nitrogen, which has great agronomic benefits.


Bulk Fertilizer

G-Mac’s AgTeam is proud to invest in improving and providing the logistics needed to supply our customers with the bulk fertilizer they need. Products we carry include Alpine, 46-0-0, 0-0-60-0, 11-52-0 and many others.


Specialty Fertilizer

G-Mac’s AgTeam carries a wide range of specialty fertilizer product. To list a few: ESN, Super-U, MESZ, Supreme 85 and Tiger 90.


Soil Samples

Agronomists take soil samples after harvest, and then analyze the nutrient data. The agronomists create fertilizer blends based on crop, target yield and available nutrients.


Plant Tissue Analysis

If a farmer suspects a plant has a nutrient deficiency, an agronomist can take a tissue sample, send it away to the lab and find out what nutrient is deficient. The Agronomist uses the results to provide a recommendation on how to get that nutrient to the plant.


With new seed varieties being released every year, sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. Advancements in genetics and biotechnology continue to result in increased availability of high yielding varieties with specialized traits. Although there is no such thing as one perfect variety, our G-Mac's AgTeam staff can help you find the ones that are best suited to your farm. Whether it is canola, soybean, corn, or other packaged seed units, we have access to a diverse selection of varieties.


G-Mac's AgTeam carries a diverse line of fungicidal and insecticidal seed treatment products to help protect your valuable seed investment during the (often) harsh spring soil environment at the time of seeding. We have a comprehensive understanding of these seed treatment products and can help advise you on the appropriate combination of active ingredients, rate, and proper application techniques.

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Rhizobium-based inoculant products have a long history as an important crop input when seeding pulses. Granular, peat, and liquid formulations of these inoculants infect legume roots to facilitate their nitrogen-fixing process through which pulse crops are able to derive a significant portion of their nitrogen demand from the atmosphere. The selection of inoculant products we have to offer at G-Mac's AgTeam is expansive. Whether you are looking for a single action inoculant, multi-fungal product with phosphorus solubilizing technology, or mycorrhizae-based inoculant, we will have a product option in your desired formulation.

Crop Protection

G-Mac’s AgTeam strives to be leaders in crop protection. We take pride in the knowledge that our Agronomy team provides our customers. We have a full range of crop protection products for your specific crop and knowledge as to when and how to apply it:
  • Herbicides, Insecticides,

  • Fungicides and Desiccants

  • Farm Deliveries.

Custom Application

G-Mac’s AgTeam provides the following custom application services:
  • Spreading Avadex

  • spreading Edge

  • liquid and dry fertilizer floating

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