Make a move to support long term productivity and profitability on your farm. While technology such as sensors and algorithms may not replace Agronomy needs on your farm, at G-Mac's AgTeam we feel that Agronomists and Agronomy Consulting Experts (ACE's) with technology will replace those relying purely on traditional boots on the ground agronomy services alone. 

CrOptics provides a different look at your farm operations. Delivered by our ACEs and supported by our Agronomists, your farm and operations will receive the experience and knowledge that will lead you through the highest value agronomy program in Saskatchewan. Our team is here to support you all season long, from crop planning right through until your crop is in the bin. When you pair our knowledgeable experts with the technology available on our iFARM platform, it's a win for your farm in maximizing productivity and profitability in a sustainable manner.

CrOptics Season

Farm Data Records

Starting at your kitchen table and sticking with your farm management all through the season. We help you to set goals, track information from season to season, and develop a big picture view of your operations. Agworld is the digital basis of our farm planning and observation records. We detail your farm plan, field by field, and have the ability to enter historical records and future planning scenarios into the system. This can all be accessed through your smartphone and allows you to have complete control of projects such as seed rates, fertilizer calibration, and even herbicide mixing intructions right in the palm of your hand. 

Field Analysis

We have adopted a systematic approach of collecting data relevant to discovering what variables are impacting our crops. The goal is to provide sound assessments through collection of accurate data. Those that are investing in CrOptics can expect to be ahead of the curve in projects such as resistance management and disease management on their farms. Planning with CrOptics will evolve and situations can be addressed early on if we know what and how many bushels you are targetting for next season. CrOptics supports a complete farm plan and even pairs well with other innovative services available on the iFARM platform, such as SoilConnect and SprayConnect. 


At G-Mac's AgTeam, we believe that continuous learning is the key to providing sustainable solutions for the future of Agriculture in Saskatchewan. We are in an era of technological revolution in the Agriculture industry and we believe that it is critical to pair this new technology with knowledgeable experts that can lead you into the future. Our team has dedicated their time to gaining new knowledge and sharing that knowledge with our customers. Through initiatives such as our agPROVE Trial Program and our Agronomy Den Newsletter and Conferences, our team is ensuring that we are staying on the forefront of development in agriculture and using the latest developments to help on your farm. 

agPROVE Trial Program

Officially launched in 2007, agPROVE is the largest field-scale trial program ran by any retail organization in Western Canada. Over 1500 agPROVE trials have been conducted across the G-Mac's AgTeam trade area with 216 trial sites ran in the 2020 season alone. The purpose of the trial program is to evaluate agronomic products and practices to ascertain their suitability for implementation on farms within our trade area. We collect and evaluate local data to help you to make effective agronomic decisions confidently and with consistent outcomes. 

View agPROVE Trial Results

The Agronomy Den

At G-Mac's AgTeam, we are Crop Production Experts. Our Agronomy Team stays on the cutting edge of the Ag Industry and the Agronomy Den is our tool to share our knowledge with our growers. The G-Mac's AgTeam Agronomy Den Conference has been held every March since its inauguration in 2010. Each year, we bring industry speakers to discuss a variety of topics with attendees. The conference is a great way for growers to expand their knowledge and interact with other growers from across Western Saskatchewan.

In addition to the conferences, our team shares information in the form of a monthly digital Agronomy Den Newsletter. This newsletter is full of timely and relevant information to assist you in decisions made throughout the season. This newletter is written by our staff and sent by email to our customers in both written and video form.

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