agPROVE Trial Program

Local Data, Relevant Information

Top view taking trial off
At G-Mac's AgTeam, we are constantly learning new things about agriculture. One of the ways that we deliver this knowledge to our growers is through our agPROVE Trial Program. agPROVE is the largest field-scale trial program ran by any retail organization in Western Canada. The program was officially launched in 2007, and since that time over 1500 trials have been conducted across G-Mac's Country. 

During the 2020 season alone, G-Mac's AgTeam ran over 200 agPROVE trial sites. Our goal in conducting these trials is to collect and evaluate local and relevant data to make effective agronomic decisions, more confidently and with more consistent outcomes. 

King of Canola

Grower Variety Net Yield Trial
Meadow Vista Farms Brevant LL Exp. SCL 50.15 Showcase Plot
Barry Gatzke L345PC 48.46 LibertyLink Showcase Plot
Lloyd Malenfant L345PC 45.07 Croplan Plot
Barry Gatzke L234P 44.98 Croplex vs Grower Standard
Schmidt Family Farm L340PC 40.95 NRG KS 1L vs NRG KS 2L vs UTC
Canola Seed

Prince of Peas

Grower Variety Net Yeild Trial
Steinhilber Enterprise CDC Striker 50.88 Tag Team BioniQ vs Nodulator Duo
Diesen Farm CDC Raezer 45.6 Dyax vs Delaro
Casson Farms CDC Spectrum 39.01 Phycoterra vs UTC
Wayne Singer CDC Spectrum 34.18 UTC vs Tag Team BioniQ
Aaron Cadrin CDC Forest 28.25 UTC vs Fertilizer

Wheat King

Grower Variety Net Yeild Trial
Leschuk Farms AAC Viewfield 77.22 Moddus vs UTC
Ed Cadrin AAC Viewfield 71.79 Kinetic Copper vs UTC
Bailla Farms CDC Landmark 70.27 Grower Standard vs 10Gal vs 15Gal
Ed Cadrin AAC Viewfield 70.23 Moddus vs UTC
Malcolm Chisholm AAC Redberry 65.49 Prosaro XTR vs Soratel vs UTC

Lord of Lentils

Thank you to our agPROVE partners! Please check back during our 2022 season to see the results of our Lord of Lentils competition.