Intelligent Farming From All Angles

iFARM is a G-Mac's AgTeam exclusive platform that enables our team to deliver knowledge and resources that cover every facet of Intelligent Farming. From innovation and technology, to our agPROVE trials, to assistance with financing and everything in between. The iFARM platform allows G-Mac's AgTeam to be continually committed to growth and improvement both in our knowledge and on your farm. 

    iFARM Services

    Soil with shovel
    Weather Station


    A unique program in which we collect data from a substantial amount of soil tests to deliver a fertility recommendation based in the unique layout of your field. 


    Using satellite imagery as a base to create variable rate spray maps based on vegetation in the field. 


    Using the latest technology advancements to create and utilize equipment that gets the job done on your farm more efficiently. This includes FarmTRX, iCart, and a host of other new tools. 

    Field Moisture Services

    Interpreting weather station data and using crop available moisture, accumulative rainfall and expected precipitation to model yield potential throughout the growing season. 


The G-Mac's AgTeam approach to an agronomy program, the CrOptics program guarantees that we are dedicated to your farm. Delivered by ACE's (Agronomy Consulting Experts) and supported by Agronomists and Agronomy Apprentices, we will work with you on your farm from crop planning right through until the crop is in the bin.

agPROVE Trial Program

The largest field-scale trial program ran by any retail organization in Western Canada, the purpose of agPROVE is to collect and evaluate local data about products and practices to help our customers make effective agronomic decisions.